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What are my garbage collection and street sweeping days?
Find your garbage, recycling, and yard trimmings collection day, street sweeping schedule, neighborhood cleanup event, or service provider contact information by calling (408) 535-3500 or simply by entering your street number and zip code into the Residential Services Lookup.Residential Services Lookup

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1. What items are allowed in the recycling cart?
2. How can I get rid of large items, such as appliances and furniture?
3. What are my garbage collection and street sweeping days?
4. Why doesn’t San José offer food scraps collection for residents?
5. How much does garbage and recycling collection cost?
6. Are garbage and recycling collected on holidays?
7. Who collects my garbage, recycling, and yard trimmings?
8. How do I recycle used motor oil and filters?
9. How do I request larger or smaller sized carts?
10. How do I get my carts repaired or replaced?
11. What if my garbage, recycling, or yard trimmings collection are missed?
12. Where can I buy extra garbage stickers?
13. Where can I take plastic grocery bags for recycling?
14. What do I do with items that don’t go in the recycling or garbage carts?
15. Are yard trimmings composted in San José?
16. Where can I learn about home composting?