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Water Conservation
Every drop counts Water Use Rules to Preserve Our Drinking Water
The City of San José joins the Santa Clara Valley Water District and San José water service providers in asking all residents and businesses to do their part to preserve the drinking water supply during this drought. Please reduce your water use by 30 percent. These rules are established in the San José Municipal code or by local water service providers.
 View San José's Water Use Rules, the Resolution, or the full Ordinance.

Fixing Water Leaks
Visit our Leaks page to find out how to detect water leaks and improve water efficiency in your home.

Financing Water-Efficiency Upgrades with PACE
San José residential and commercial property owners can now lower their utility bills and increase their property values by purchasing water- and energy- efficiency upgrades with financing that attaches to their property tax bill. Learn more ...

Our Partners
Link to Save 20 Gallons websiteThe City partners with the Santa Clara Valley Water District to provide water conservation rebates and resources.

Visit their website, Save 20 Gallons, to learn more about these resources.