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Click on linked projects for latest status. 
Trail Manager for questions about projects not yet linked. 

TRAIL: Almaden Ranch Ped Br Feas Study

TRAIL: Bay Area Ridge Visibility Enhancement
TRAIL: Bay Trail Reach 9B Design
TRAIL: Coyote Creek (Hwy 237 Bikeway-Tasman Dr)
TRAIL: Coyote Creek (Story Rd-Phelan Av) Design 
TRAIL: Coyote Creek (Story Rd-Selma Olinder Park – Story Rd Landfill)
TRAIL: Coyote Creek / Singleton Crossing Conceptual Study
TRAIL: Coyote Creek Trail (Flea Market, north of Berryessa Rd) - Developer Project
TRAIL: Doerr Parkway Design 
TRAIL: Five Wounds Trail Acquisition
TRAIL: Guadalupe Creek and Almaden Exp Ped Br
TRAIL: Guadalupe River Master Plan (Virginia-Chynoweth)
TRAIL: Guadalupe River Trail / UPRR UnderXing Feas Study
TRAIL: Guadalupe River UnderXing (Coleman Rd) Design
TRAIL: Guadalupe River UnderXing (Tasman Drive)
TRAIL: Los Alamitos Creek (Portswood Cir to Harry Rd) Construction
TRAIL: Los Gatos Creek Reach 5 B/C Design
TRAIL: Lower Guadalupe River Trail (Gold-880)
TRAIL: Lower Silver Creek Reach 4/5A (Alum Rock-680) 
TRAIL: Lower Silver Creek Reach 6 (Dobern Br-Foxdale Dr) 
TRAIL: Lower Silver Creek Retaining Wall 
TRAIL: Milestone Markers
TRAIL: Pedestrian Bridge Assessment 
TRAIL: Penitencia Creek Reach 1A (Alum Rock Pk-Noble Dr)
TRAIL: Penitencia Creek Reach 1B (Noble Ave-Dorel Dr)
TRAIL: Penitencia Creek Reach 7A
TRAIL: Strategic Plan 
TRAIL: Thompson Creek (Quimby to Aborn) Design
TRAIL: Thompson Creek (Tully Rd-Quimby Rd)
TRAIL: Thompson Creek Easement
TRAIL: Three Creeks (Bellevue Park Expansion) Land Acquisition
TRAIL: Three Creeks Trestle Bridge
TRAIL: Three Creeks Pedestrian Bridge EIR
TRAIL: Three Creeks Master Plan (west)

Current Status 
Status Chart: Trail Network mileage (for July 2016)  NEW
Status Chart: Pace of Green Vision Goal 10 development (Est. through 2015/16) 
Entire Project Database (download from February 2016)  
Trail Network Map - color-coded per stages of development 

Historical Status (fiscal year) 
2015-16 NEW

Program Overview  
Presentation (42MB, slow download)

Trail Count 2015 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report  NEW
Trail Count 2014 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report 
Trail Count 2013 - Fact Sheet  No Summary Report for 2013
Trail Count 2012 - 
Fact Sheet  Summary Report  Article: 10 Tips for Counting 
Trail Count 2011 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report  Article: San Jose's Trail Count
Trail Count 2010 - Fact Sheet  No Summary Report for 2010
Trail Count 2009 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report 
Trail Count 2008 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report 

San Jose's Trail Count featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine
Rails to Trails Conservancy report on the value and approach to Trail Counting in the Bay Area NEW

Climate Ready Study - On-going study to determine potential of SV Trails to reduce greenhouse gas through better access to bike and transit options 
General Impacts - Transportation, Economic, Public Safety, Exercise-Recreation 
Benchmarking - How does San José compare to other trail cities
Trail types - Definition of San Jose core & edge trails, and the varying types 
Development Process - The six major steps to developing a San Jose Trail 
Economic Benefits 
Emergency Response 
Employment Impacts 
Trail Design 
Trail Safety 
Transportation - Trails & Rails    
SCVWD Bond Funding
Carbon Dioxide Calculator   NEW

Strategic Plan - Comprehensive plan for funding, staff and development of Trail Network  NEW
SKY Lane Trail Vision Study - A possible solution to major challenges along 3 Creeks Trail
Guadalupe River Trail - Serving commuters and recreational users
Vision and Goals - Guides San Jose's Trail Development
Airport Parkway - Challenges of a constrained and sensitive project site
Los Gatos Creek - Linking downtown to Willow Glen 
Albertson Parkway - Positive changes to a challenging corridor 
Highway 237 Bikeway - Innovative approach to trail development
Countywide Trails Prioritization and Gaps Analysis - Regional gap analysis  NEW
Study   Fact Sheet   The Economic Benefits of the Park & Recreation System in San Jose (Trust for Public Land)      

Design Guidance
San Jose-specific documents: 
Trail Signage & Mileage Markers (version Feb 2014, 11.4mb doc)
Mileage Markers Frequently Asked Questions 
General Trail Design Guidelines (draft) 
Recycled Asphalt (Study and recommendations)
Reflective Striping (Specifications) 
Bollard RenderingDetail Sheet & Surface Plate
San Jose Plants (Preferred landscape plants for parks and trails at non-mitigation sites)
County of Santa Clara-specific documents (also support San Jose trail design):
Uniform Trail Design Guidelines (County document) Trail Design Guidelines (County document)
Trail Sign Guidelines (County document)
Operational Guidance
Trail Watch (Volunteer-based monitoring and reporting program)
Pedestrian Bridges (Process for inspecting pedestrian bridges) 
Trail Closure Process (for temporary closures, and related detours and public notification)

Planning Guidance
 - Inventory of future projects
Greenprint - provides general planning information and defines the trail systems. 
Envision 2040 San Jose - General Plan (see Chapters 4 and 6 for trail discussion)

OPDMD Policy (Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices)