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Click on linked projects for latest status. 
Trail Manager for questions about projects not yet linked. 

TRAIL: Almaden Ranch Ped Br Feas Study

TRAIL: Bay Area Ridge Visibility Enhancement
TRAIL: Bay Trail Reach 9B Design
TRAIL: Coyote Creek (Hwy 237 Bikeway-Tasman Dr)
TRAIL: Coyote Creek (Story Rd-Phelan Av) Design 
TRAIL: Coyote Creek (Story Rd-Selma Olinder Park – Story Rd Landfill)
TRAIL: Coyote Creek / Singleton Crossing Conceptual Study
TRAIL: Coyote Creek Trail (Flea Market, north of Berryessa Rd) - Developer Project
TRAIL: Doerr Parkway Design 
TRAIL: Five Wounds Trail Acquisition
TRAIL: Guadalupe Creek and Almaden Exp Ped Br
TRAIL: Guadalupe River Master Plan (Virginia-Chynoweth)
TRAIL: Guadalupe River Trail / UPRR UnderXing Feas Study
TRAIL: Guadalupe River UnderXing (Coleman Rd) Design
TRAIL: Guadalupe River UnderXing (Tasman Drive)
TRAIL: Los Alamitos Creek (Portswood Cir to Harry Rd) Construction
TRAIL: Los Gatos Creek Reach 5 B/C Design
TRAIL: Lower Guadalupe River Trail (Gold-880)
TRAIL: Lower Silver Creek Reach 4/5A (Alum Rock-680) 
TRAIL: Lower Silver Creek Reach 6 (Dobern Br-Foxdale Dr) 
TRAIL: Lower Silver Creek Retaining Wall 
TRAIL: Milestone Markers
TRAIL: Pedestrian Bridge Assessment 
TRAIL: Penitencia Creek Reach 1A (Alum Rock Pk-Noble Dr)
TRAIL: Penitencia Creek Reach 1B (Noble Ave-Dorel Dr)
TRAIL: Penitencia Creek Reach 7A
TRAIL: Strategic Plan 
TRAIL: Thompson Creek (Quimby to Aborn) Design
TRAIL: Thompson Creek (Tully Rd-Quimby Rd)
TRAIL: Thompson Creek Easement
TRAIL: Three Creeks (Bellevue Park Expansion) Land Acquisition
TRAIL: Three Creeks Trestle Bridge
TRAIL: Three Creeks Pedestrian Bridge EIR
TRAIL: Three Creeks Master Plan (west)

Current Status 
Status Chart: Trail Network mileage (for May 2016)  NEW
Status Chart: Pace of Green Vision Goal 10 development (Est. through 2015/16) 
Entire Project Database (download from February 2016)  
Trail Network Map - color-coded per stages of development  NEW

Historical Status (fiscal year) 

Program Overview  
Presentation (42MB, slow download)

Trail Count 2015 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report  NEW
Trail Count 2014 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report 
Trail Count 2013 - Fact Sheet  No Summary Report for 2013
Trail Count 2012 - 
Fact Sheet  Summary Report  Article: 10 Tips for Counting 
Trail Count 2011 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report  Article: San Jose's Trail Count
Trail Count 2010 - Fact Sheet  No Summary Report for 2010
Trail Count 2009 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report 
Trail Count 2008 - Fact Sheet  Summary Report 

San Jose's Trail Count featured in Landscape Architecture Magazine

Climate Ready Study - On-going study to determine potential of SV Trails to reduce greenhouse gas through better access to bike and transit options  NEW
General Impacts - Transportation, Economic, Public Safety, Exercise-Recreation 
Benchmarking - How does San José compare to other trail cities NEW
Trail types - Definition of San Jose core & edge trails, and the varying types 
Development Process - The six major steps to developing a San Jose Trail 
Economic Benefits 
Emergency Response 
Employment Impacts 
Trail Design 
Trail Safety 
Transportation - Trails & Rails    
SCVWD Bond Funding
Carbon Dioxide Calculator   NEW

Strategic Plan - Comprehensive plan for funding, staff and development of Trail Network  NEW
Guadalupe River Trail - Serving commuters and recreational users
Vision and Goals - Guides San Jose's Trail Development
Airport Parkway - Challenges of a constrained and sensitive project site
Los Gatos Creek - Linking downtown to Willow Glen 
Albertson Parkway - Positive changes to a challenging corridor 
Highway 237 Bikeway - Innovative approach to trail development
Countywide Trails Prioritization and Gaps Analysis - Regional gap analysis  NEW
Study   Fact Sheet   The Economic Benefits of the Park & Recreation System in San Jose (Trust for Public Land)       NEW

Design Guidance
San Jose-specific documents: 
Trail Signage & Mileage Markers (version Feb 2014, 11.4mb doc)
Mileage Markers Frequently Asked Questions 
General Trail Design Guidelines (draft) 
Recycled Asphalt (Study and recommendations)
Reflective Striping (Specifications) 
Bollard RenderingDetail Sheet & Surface Plate
San Jose Plants (Preferred landscape plants for parks and trails at non-mitigation sites)
County of Santa Clara-specific documents (also support San Jose trail design):
Uniform Trail Design Guidelines (County document) Trail Design Guidelines (County document)
Trail Sign Guidelines (County document)
Operational Guidance
Trail Watch (Volunteer-based monitoring and reporting program)
Pedestrian Bridges (Process for inspecting pedestrian bridges) 
Trail Closure Process (for temporary closures, and related detours and public notification)

Planning Guidance
 - Inventory of future projects
Greenprint - provides general planning information and defines the trail systems. 
Envision 2040 San Jose - General Plan (see Chapters 4 and 6 for trail discussion)

OPDMD Policy (Other Power-Driven Mobility Devices)   NEW