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2012 Pride of San José Honorees

2012 Pride of San José Honorees Recognized at the 2013 State of the City

Mayor Chuck Reed recognized recipients of 2012 Pride of San José Awards, along with honorees from each of the Council Districts, at the 2013 State of the City that took place on the evening of Feb. 7 at the Civic Auditorium. The Pride of San José honorees represent the highest level of public service and commitment to the City of San José and its residents. Honorees are chosen by the City Manager from nominations submitted by Department Directors and other Council Appointees.

City Manager Debra Figone selected the following seven teams for the 2012 Pride of San José awards based upon the Employee Values of Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration, Respect and Celebration. Below you will find all of the honorees listed along with the project descriptions.

Citywide Web Conversion Project Team

Citywide Web Conversion Project TeamThe City’s website is a vital source of public information about San Jose services and issues, but over the past fifteen years it had become hard to use and maintain because of out-of-date technology.  With the selection of a new Web Content Management System a year ago, an interdepartmental team of some 100 employees helped overhaul the website.  Over a ten-month period, they dived in to review and update thousands of web pages, all on top of their regular duties. Under the leadership of project managers Lenka Wright and Astra Freedman from the City Manager’s Office, the Web Conversion Team stayed on schedule and successfully launched the new site last November.  The result of this collaboration has been better customer service and greater staff efficiency.

Team members: Ricardo Cortez, Astra Freedman, Shelly Ha, Rebecca Hall, Janet Hayes, Tom Norris, Vijay Sammeta, David Vossbrink, Lenka Wright

Air Service Dream Team

Air Service Dream TeamBringing back regular non-stop air service between San Jose and Tokyo took a big step forward on January 11 when All Nippon Airways launched its first flight from Mineta San José International Airport.  However, wooing a new airline and a new international flight took plenty of time and patience, as representatives from Silicon Valley’s Airport and the San Jose Office of Economic Development began discussions with ANA more than five years ago. This grew into a strong partnership between the City, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, and numerous local CEOs and travel executives who together helped land ANA for San Jose. Although the flight has been temporarily suspended for technical reasons, our team has built a strong foundation based on business partnership and community engagement that will support ANA’s long-term success with San Jose.

Team members: 
Kim Aguirre, John Aitken, Vicki Day, Joe Hedges, John Lang, Ed Nelson, Bill Sherry, Kim Walesh, Ru Weerakoon

Public-Private Partnerships: Carl Guardino – CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Bena Chang – Senior Associate of Housing and Transportation, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Mac Tully – Co Chair, SVLG CEO Task Force on Air Service Development, Matthew Mahood – President, Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, Marc Casto – Casto Travel

Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency (SARA) Transition Team

Successor Agency of the Redevelopment Agency Transition TeamWhen the State of California eliminated all redevelopment agencies in 2011, it started an immensely complex effort to dissolve their governance, assets, and commitments on an extremely short schedule. The City of San Jose created a staff transition team to unwind the San Jose Redevelopment Agency, a $3 billion enterprise with a half-century history of providing benefits for our community.  Throughout 2012, this Transition Team successfully worked with state agencies, the County of Santa Clara, the investment community, a new oversight board, and other stakeholders in the face of uncertain requirements, tangled legal interpretations, and incredibly high stakes.  With diligence, integrity and transparency, this team made sure that San Jose complied with the new law while protecting the interests of our residents.

Team members: Abe, Andrade, Arn Andrews, Julia Cooper, Leslye Corsiglia, Patricia Deignan, Norberto Duenas, Sandi Fernandez, Kelly Hyland, Richard Keit, Paul Lippert, Jennifer Maguire, Roxanne Miller, Tom Murtha, Kiely Nose, Walter Rossman, Sandy Shayesteh, Betsy Shotwell, Yen Tiet, Rachel VanerVeen

SJPD Automated Field Reporting (AMR) Records Management Systems (RMS) Team

SJPD Automated Field Reporting Records Management Systems TeamFor many years, the San Jose Police Department has relied on “old-school” paper-based systems to prepare crime reports and manage records.  Information was manually entered into databases, and boxes of documents were collected every day and delivered to other bureaus to be re-filed and re-sorted, again and again. However, the Police Department’s new Automated Field Reporting and Records Management Systems will much more efficiently meet the needs of our 1500-member department. Patrol officers in the field will be able to enter all reports into computers, and the information will be readily available throughout the department.  Due to the implementation team’s efforts to prepare the department, officers, and support staff for this huge technological upgrade, the new system will be up and running by March.

Team members: Tamera Becker, Maria Contreras-Tanori, Robert Dillon, Jennifer Estrada, Jill Ferrante, Paul Hamblin, Parker Hathaway, Dave Hober, Melanie Jimenez, Donna Kattengell, Lloren Lacap, Tammy Laney, Cecil Lawson, Sylvia Lopez, Kendra Nunes, Michael Okubo, Carla Sargent, Randy Schriefer, Kevin Sebree, Jermaine Thomas, Mike Tkacheff, Tim Wright, Margie Zamora

Alternative Service Delivery Team

 alternate Service Delivery TeamTo improve quality and reduce costs, three City departments have worked together to change the way we deliver services. For example, the Planning Department worked with Fleet Management to efficiently choreograph the way vehicles needing repair and service are inspected. By taking advantage of staff and service schedules, this collaboration has eliminated vehicle downtime, which translates to greater time available for inspections and increased revenue. In another example, Fleet Management trained and certified Happy Hollow staff to do daily inspections of the amusement rides and meet exacting state safety standards.  This has reduced Happy Hollow’s operating costs by about $175,000 per year and freed up Fleet Management staff for other priorities, all while continuing to ensure the safety of visiting children and families.

Team members: Megan Amable-Chunn, Gina Aning, Casey Baughman, Steven Brasil, Stephen Brazil, Rob Canario, Rocco Capossele, Rick Chavez, Roman Garcia, Deirdre Gause, Melvin Harden, Sergio Hernandez, Warren Krause, Dan LeVeque, Jose Mara, David Mesa, Jonathan Moog, Tony Palladino, Gary Probert II, Dionell Rafanan, Leah Ruch, Dan Sunseri, Don Sunseri, Sam Zelenka

Citywide Special Events Team

Citywide Special Events TeamSpecial events throughout San Jose attract local residents and visitors, support local businesses, and enrich the quality life in our community.  The Citywide Special Events team coordinates  with community and business partners on hundreds of affordable, fun, family-friendly experiences, which collectively draw about 1.3 million participants each year.  The team handles big and complex events that draw tens of thousands of people - such as the annual Amgen Tour of California, San Jose Jazz Festival, and Christmas in the Park - as well as simple neighborhood and cultural festivals. They work with organizers with limited budgets to find creative, flexible and cost-effective solutions that ensure successful events and protect public safety. 

Team members: Steven Angel, Gina Aning, Jason Bivens, John Brazil, Arian Collen, Fawna Ferguson, Tina Gonterman, Melina Iglesias, Mike Imanaka, Sandra Lee, Alexander Navy, Brian Nelson, Dave Olmos, Jim Peterson, Louis Quezada, Phil Ringenberg, Ralph Rodriguez, Mike Sanchez, Tom Sims, Donna Thurman, Todd Trayer, Athena Treds, Tammy Turnipseed, Noe Veloso, John Wildemuth, Kirk Wilson, Christine Zarate

Homeless Encampment Response Team

Homeless Encampment Response TeamWhile homeless encampments in San Jose and along our creeks are a growing concern, ongoing efforts to clean up encampments were not working effectively and posed risks for the City. In early 2012, the City halted its cleanups in order to review and revise cleanup strategies to address both environmental issues and the civil rights of encampment residents. An interdepartmental team developed a new approach that included outreach and assistance to encampment residents; a system to sort and store their personal belongings; housing options for encampment residents when available; and extensive communications with stakeholders. The Homeless Encampment Response Team completed nine more cleanups in 2012 that removed more than 140 tons of trash and offered meaningful assistance to scores of encampment residents.

Team members: Sam Anzaldua Jr., Moses Arroyo, Mike Azevedo, Brian Birmigham, Ryan Blach, Diane Buchanan, Amador Bueno, Eric Calleja, Andrea Case, Jesus Castro, Matias Cervantez, Anthony Ciaburro, Alana Conant, Judge LaDoris Cordell, Leslye Corsiglia, Napp Fukuda, Steve Hammack, Jared Hart, Pam Helmke, Kelly Hemphill, Michael Hoopes, James Hussey, Chris Johnson, Rich Key, Sipros Kolomvotos, Jane Lawson, Paul Ledesma, Elaine Marshall, Jacky Morales-Ferrand, Jim Ortbal, Frank Penninger, Alonzo Perez, Sylvia Perez, Johnny Phan, Doug Potwora, Ed Ramerez, Ted Reckas, Michael Rhoades, Angel Rios, Kerrie Romanow, Steve Romero, Ella Samonsky, Ruben Sanchez, Jessica Scheiner, Robert Sotelo, Dan Suriaga, Richard Tomlin, Rosa Tsongtaatarii, David Vossbrink, Chuck Wehrle, Cheryl Wessling, Sabrina Wolfson, Jo Zientek