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Mayor Liccardo's FY 2018-19 Budget Proposals

With the City of San Jose facing a stable - yet constrained - fiscal outlook, Mayor Liccardo's FY 18-19 budget recommendations reflect a prudent and strategic approach that keeps the City on the path to restoring services and its long-term fiscal sustainability.

First and foremost, Mayor Liccardo has proposed allocating $15.5 million into a rainy day reserve to help the City address future deficits and potential ‘clouds’ on the economic horizon.

In addition, the Mayor has proposed a number of modest, one-time investments that will help address the City’s most pressing needs:

  • Affordable Housing and Homelessness To aid its efforts to confront the region’s growing housing crisis, the FY 18-19 budget proposal includes:
    • An additional $3 million to support the City’s various homelessness initiatives 
    • New investments in the City’s rental rights program to expand available assistance for renters and create a Rental Registry to better monitor landlord compliance with the City’s rent control laws. 
    • Funding for a pilot program that would help support the early development of unconventional, cost-effective housing concepts. For example, retrofitting dilapidated buildings to accommodate new affordable housing units.

  • Public Safety - In addition to allocating the resources needed to support the ongoing rebuilding of the SJPD (close to 200 new officers recruited over the past 2 years), the budget includes additional investments in public safety, such as:
    • Allocating $150,000 for a pilot program that offers emergency housing and/or assistance to victims of domestic or family violence
    • Enhancing staffing in the domestic violence and sexual assaults units by modifying the administration model for the Police Athletic League.
    • Expanding traffic and pedestrian safety measures in key hot spots, which have been shown to help reduce traffic related injuries and deaths.

  • BeautifySJ - The Mayor has proposed continuing and expanding funding for the City’s new beautification initiative, which has enlisted more than 25,000 volunteers, nearly tripled the amount of trash and litter collected, and enhanced the City’s response to illegal dumping and free junk pickup requests. The budget would include new funding to:
    • Develop My San Jose 2.0, which will expand the number of service requests available via the user-friendly app.
    • Add staffing to the City’s anti-litter program to support the growing number of neighborhood cleanups taking place throughout the City.
    • Expand a partnership with the Downtown Streets Team to address blight along the Monterey Road corridor.

Additionally, the FY 18-19 budget proposal includes funding for various Smart City projects, in which an initial, one-time investment can help significantly improve service delivery and efficiency – and yield ongoing budget savings.

Mayor Liccardo's Budget Documents

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