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Winter Storm Preps
What You Can Do to Prepare
  • Prepare your home: keep ditches and other water collection ways clear of leaves and debris
  • Keep trees properly trimmed. Read about tree care.
  • Maintain your home's roof and repair any leaks or damage now before the rains come.
  • Ensure proper tire maintenance for your vehicle(s).
  • Have an emergency kit. Also, visit for more details.
  • There may be power outages so store up plenty of flashlight batteries. Read more tips about self reliance during a power outage.
  • Have three day supply of "long life" non-refrigerated, easy-to-prepare food and snacks that your family would normally eat.
  • Store bottled water. The Office of Emergency Services recommends one gallon of water per day for at least three days for drinking and sanitation.
  • Have copies of of personal documents such as list of medications/pertinent medical information, deed/lease to home, birth certificates, insurance policies, etc.
  • If you're a pet owner, ID your pets. Make sure your pet is wearing a collar and identification tag that includes your current address and phone number. You can also have your pet microchipped. View more pet preparedness tips.

Build a Preparedness Kit
Watch this video, produced by the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services and the American Red Cross, that shows you how easily you can make an emergency preparedness kit.