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Property Reentry Status Guidance & Checklist
Determining your Property's Reentry Status

View the latest maps (updated 5:45 p.m. 3/01/2017)

If your property is in the GREEN area, it is cleared for reentry. It is safe to reenter. There are two types of properties in the GREEN area:
  • Properties that were evacuated but not affected by the flood
  • Properties that were evacuated and affected by the flood, have been inspected, and were cleared for reentry. Minor repairs may still be needed per comments on the tag. (a green sticker is on your door)

If your property is in the YELLOW area, reentry is restricted. Properties in the YELLOW area were evacuated and affected by the flood. There are three types:
  • Yellow sticker is on your door: Enter the building at your own risk. A San José code enforcement inspection has indicated there are structural issues and/or an issue with providing water, gas, and/or electricity. The City is aware of these issues and is working on restoring them. 
  • Red sticker is on your door: Do not enter the building. 
  • No sticker: An inspection is pending. For your safety do not enter the building. City staff has not inspected or cleared your property for unrestricted reentry. 

Please proceed with caution:
  • Read the comments, if any, on the green or yellow tag that on your property.
  • Read the safety checklist, “Reentering a Flooded Property,” in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Copies are available at the Seven Trees shelter, the Shirakawa Local Assistance Center, and at distribution points for the affected neighborhoods.
  • Take photographs of flood-related damage to your property. This photo-documentation is helpful when filing with an insurance company or through state/federal assistance programs.


Review the Returning to a Flooded Home or Business Checklist

Vaccination Recommendations for those Returning to a Flooded Home
  • English
  • Spanish (Recomendaciones de Vacunación para quienes regresan a viviendas o lugares previamente inundado)
  • Vietnamese

Food Safety After a Flood Infographic

Returning to Your Home Video
Information in English, Spanish, Vietnamese
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