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Office of Emergency Services
San Jose Home
Flood Recovery Handouts & Resources
San Jose Flood Victims Relief Fund

Flood Relief Resources (handout by Catholic Charities)
Mail Delivery Info for Flood-Affected Areas   Información sobre la Entrega de Correo                   

Legal Rights of Tenants Displaced by the Flood   Derechos legales de inquilinos  

Property Tax Relief for Flood-Affected Properties
Any misfortune or calamity that was not the fault of the property owner or the party responsible for the taxes may be eligible for property tax relief under Section 170 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code under certain requirements. Read more at the Santa Clara County Assessor's website.

San Jose Water Company Offers One-Time Discount

Utility Bill Payments Are Extended
Los vecindarios que son afectados por las inundaciones: usted tiene más tiempo para pagar sus facturas de servicios públicos            

Cleaning & Repairs
Drain Flood Water to the Sanitary Sewer
Vacíe agua de la inundación al alcantarillado sanitario
Disposal of Flood-Related Debris
Eliminación de desechos de inundación

Disposal Practices During Home Repairs

Storing Landscape Materials

Returning to a Flooded Home or Business (Reentry Checklist)
Lista de Verificación al Regresar a una Vivienda Inundada

Mold: Tips to Protect Indoor Air Quality from EPA

Limpieza de Inundaciones y Ventilar en su Hogar
Mold: General Cleanup Procedures       
Procedimientos generales para limpieza de moho
10 Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Food & Health
Food Safety After a Flood Infographic
Seguridad Alimenticia
Lost Food EBT

Comida perdida EBT
Lost Medication Due to Flooding
Reemplazo de medicamentos para los evacuados                    
Mental Health Help: 800-704-0900  (multiple languages, 24 hours/7days)
Call the Santa Clara County Department of Mental Health for assistance
Public Health Help (multiple languages)
Visit the Santa Clara County Public Health Department website:

Health and Safety Guidelines for People Returning to Flooded Areas
Vaccination Recommendations for those Returning to a Flooded Home
Recomendaciones de Vacunación