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City Manager's Budget Addenda
The City Administration released the following Manager's Budget Addenda to supplement information provided in the 2014 - 2015 Proposed Budget, recommend amendments to the Proposed Budget, and respond to City Council inquires regarding the Proposed Budget.

2014 - 2015 City Manager's Budget Addenda
MBA LOG  Title
MBA #1  2014-2015 Budget Study Sessions Schedule and Agendas
MBA #2  2014-2015 Budget Document Cost Estimate Requests
MBA #3  Budget Study Session: Fire Emergency Medical Services
MBA #4 2014-2015 Fire Station Projected Costs
MBA #5  2014-2015 Proposed Budget in Brief 
MBA #6  Recommendation on the 2015-2019 Proposed Capital Improvement Program
MBA #7 Multiple Housing Residential Occupancy Permit Program
MBA #8 North San Jose Transportation Funding Strategy
MBA #9 Regional Partnerships: Combined Fire/EMS Communications Center
MBA #10 City Council Policies: Debt Management Policy and Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program
MBA #11 Satellite Community Centers (such as Alum Rock) Staffing Options
MBA #12 Unfunded Transportation Infrastructure Improvement Needs
MBA #13 Planning and Fire Development Fee Study
MBA #14 Prioritization of the Burglary Investigation Unit/Burglary Reduction Efforts
MBA #15 Arena Authority Funding
MBA #16 Enforcement of Disabled Parking Violations
MBA #17 Fire Station 37 (Willow Glen): Analysis of Options
MBA #18 Parking Meters, Rates, and Community Parking Districts
MBA #19 Re-Opening the Office on Aging
MBA #20 TRANs Interest and Issuance Costs and Banking Services Budget Adjustments
MBA #21 Proposed 2014-2015 Transient Occupancy Tax Funded Arts and Cultural Development Grants
MBA #22 Airport Curfew Violations Fines
MBA #23 Cultural Facilities Capital Improvements Project Approval Process and Funding Plan
MBA #24 Police Staffing Restoration Strategy
MBA #25 Amendments to the 2014-2015 Proposed Fees and Charges Document
MBA #26 Abandoned Shopping Cart Program
MBA #27 Recommended Amendments to the 2014-2015 Proposed Operating and Capital Budgets
MBA #28 Updates to the 2014-2015 Property Tax and General Fund Beginning Fund Balance Estimates
MBA #29 Community Budget Meetings Summary 
MBA #30 Adoption of the 2014-2015 Operating and Capital Budgets